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Ordance composite [Back to Product List]
Product Description
In World War II, projectiles made from tungsten alloys helped Allied forces achieve victory. Today, T&D’s high-density tungsten alloys are still proving their worth in ordnance applications around the world. The uncompromising strength found in tungsten alloys allows us to offer the highest quality in hyper-velocity, armor-penetrating applications, fragmentation devices and kinetic energy penetrators (in spheres, cubes and projectile shapes).


Armor-piercing shell

Tungsten has the highest melting point among all melts. The prominent advantage of high melting point is it produces materials with good high temperature strength and corrosion-resistance, which shows its excellent properties in military industry, sepecially in ordnance components manufacturing. With powder preprocessing technique and large deformation enhancement technique, tungsten alloys are refined to grains to increase the obdurability and penetrating force of materials.
Flexible manufacturing techniques and additives also allow us to vary properties such as elongation, ultimate tensile strength, and hardness to ensure the best possible material for your unique needs.


★Balanced ball for missile and plane

★Core for armor-piercing shell
★tungsten alloy cluster bomb
★tungsten alloy gyro-rotor for airplane
★bullet of grenade


Tungsten Rods for Ordnance Industries         Tungsten alloy  core for armor- piercing shell