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Tungsten alloy weights and counterweights [Back to Product List]
Product Description
1) Weights for sporting products
Nuisance free, international environment protection standard, small body, high density, strong and wind resistance, such advantages of tungsten alloy make it the ideal substitute of lead which finds good sales among western countries.
★Dart: As we know, the barrel forms the main part of a dart. Nowadays, tungsten-based heavy alloy billet is widely used as the standard barrel material, for it has a specific gravity, making it a very dense material with small volume. Besides, it has superior wearing resistance, well machinability, etc.
 In addition to supplying the tungsten billet raw materials, we can also provide the machined part as tungsten barrel.

★    ★Tungsten alloy counterweights for golf: We can offer tungsten alloy counterweights for various kinds of parts and screws of golf clubs.

2).Tungsten heavy alloy balance weight for vehicle is now becoming the most popular material for ballast, due to its main advantages: highest density, high tensile strength and machined easily, non-toxic.
★Counterweight used in yacht, sailboat, submarine and other vessels
★crankshaft balancing of racing cars and other vehicles
Race cars can be given just the right balance to maximize performance. Our Chassis Race Weights are twice the density of steel and 50% heavier than lead.
Our tungsten alloy Chassis Race Weights will:
  • ·Lower your center of gravity
  • ·Adjust balance between front & rear
  • ·Machined to fit easily into chassis frame rail
  • ·Threaded holes on both ends for easy movement
  • ·Standard block is 2 5/8" x 3 5/8" x 6" and weighs 35 lbs
  • ·Other sizes available