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Bucking bars [Back to Product List]
Product Description

This is the Ultimate Bucking bar material - you will never use steel bars again! Because of the density, you can create the best shape for your space so it’s just right for getting inside the ribs and spars gaps on wings, flight controls, etc. The weight and the density of the metal make for the best rivet bucking in the industry. With tungsten-based bars, just a few taps with a 3X rivet gun and a 1/4 rivet is complete. This saves possible damage to the aircraft skin and frames due to less repeat riveting and it also saves time allowing you to move on to the next rivet.

Tungsten-based bucking bars are also ergonomically better than steel. Studies show that tungsten-based bucking bars reduce the amount of vibration the user experiences and therefore reduces the chance for white finger or carpal tunnel syndrome.

How does it work?
The tungsten-based bucking bar has one or more smooth surface which is held up against the back of a rivet while it is being shot. The energy gets transferred from the source (the rivet gun) through a medium (the rivet) to the receiver (the bucking bar). The gun is on one end, and the bucking bar is on the other. The gun impacts the rivet, which sends the impulse to the bucking bar, which actually bounces off the rivet and "swings" back at it (by virtue of the person holding it firmly in place), smashing the rivet in turn. This happens many times per second - depending on air pressure and trigger operation. The primary skill required when bucking rivets is to hold the bucking bar stable and square to the rivet. Other than that, just let physics do the work. You don’t have to push on the rivet, just hold it steady.