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Zhouzhou T&D Tungsten Alloy Co., Ltd is a technological enterprise, which use ISO9001-2000 international quality system as standard. Our main products include heavy tungsten alloy, tungsten-copper, tungsten-silver and Molybdenum tungsten alloys,which are exported to Europe, America and Japan, etc.
T&D Tungsten Alloy Co., Ltd owns a young and down-to-earth team. We absords 26 specialized talented persons, which contribute 35% to the total number of employees. We have employed domestic and foreign expert advisors. Besides, we carry out project cooperation with such universities and research institiute as Central South University, Bejing University of Science and Technology, Hefei Unviversity of Technoloty and Hunan University of Technoloty, speciliazing in researching and developing new materials, processes and technologies. Our company possesses all kinds of hydraulic machine, oil pressof 100T, 315T and 500T, cold isostatic press, full-automatic powder press, horizontal and vertical injection press, de-rubber furnace, debanding furnace, Molybdenum wire sintering furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, vacuum sintering annealing furnace, forging device, CNC processing center as well as various machinging equipments and precision ball mill. Moreover, we have a completely sophisticated set of quality inspection instruments to ensure the quality of all products can meet enquiremtns of our customers.
Today, tungsten alloy products are making their way into more and more fields, and T&D is matching them step for step. T&D serves more than 1,200 companys, supplying them with high-quality tungsten alloys and composites suitable for a broad range of applications. Our products are widely used in industries from aerospace to medical; from sporting equipment to medical accessories; from vehicles to oil logging, and so on.
We are always doing our best, so you can be satisfied at the quality of our products and service. We look forward to chances from you and provide satisfactory services to you.
In future, T&D will devote to meet customers’ specific demands, rely on the development of new science and technology,optimize our service and forge a newly innovative team with professional technology and strong implementation. In the field of heavy tungsten alloy, copper tungsten and silver tungsten, our pursuit is to provide users with the best service. We look forward to helping our customers find innovative ways to use our products to meet challenges they face.
Our tungsten alloy products are widely used in the following fields,
Shielding in medical,
Sheilding in industry,
Oil and gas well,
military industry,
Sports and entertainment,
Vacuum contacts,
EDM and ECM,
Resistance welding,
Heat sinks.


Zhouzhou T&D Tungsten Alloy Co., Ltd - Manufacture and selling of high density tungsten alloy and sinker bar 株洲天地钨合金有限公司
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